Praise…I am extremely grateful to all of my clients who refer me to their friends and family. I am also deeply grateful to all of my clients who took the time to write testimonials on various web review sites.  


JoAnne C.

Hawthorne, CA


We recently added another baby to our bunch and had Denise do our families photos again. This time my unruly 3 year old refused to be in any photos for the first hour... the moments Denise captured of his refusal are priceless and my favorite photos. They are so honest and express the chaotic nature of our lives with 3 children. Denise did manage to persuade my son to cooperate and she was very patient with all of us. We have so many great photos from this session, but I have to say I still think my favorites are the ones where my 3 year old is acting 3 :) It was another great session with Denise!


Ashley W.

Los Angeles, CA


I met Denise back in June of 2012 when I was 32 weeks pregnant with my first child. After extensively researching numerous maternity photographers, I ultimately chose Denise for her stunning silhouettes and her ability to make her clients look truly beautiful during a time when it's easy to focus on one's less attractive features. I was also extremely happy with her pricing - which I found to be VERY reasonable and fair compared to some other maternity photographers in the LA area.  My husband and I did the session together - and it went off without a hitch. Although my husband does not typically enjoy having his picture taken, Denise put him completely at ease. I have never seen him so willing to participate in a photo session! The pictures from that first session were so amazing that we recently went back to Denise for another photo session for baby #2. This time, we brought our son with us - the pictures were gorgeous and I'm thrilled she was able to capture this very special time for our family. We did both our shoots in her studio - and I am thrilled with the results. Denise provides all her clients with a great "prep" sheet prior to each shoot, but below are a few tips that I think might be helpful: - Come prepared with a "must have" shot list - Denise is super creative and will likely have you try out different poses based on what looks best...but it really helps if you come with a POV on the types of pictures that you want most (since different types of shots require different lighting setups). We came in with a PDF of a bunch of sample images, which served as a guide for our shoot. If you are planning to bring a toddler to the shoot - it might be a good idea to have someone who is not going to be in the pictures around to help wrangle. My husband and I brought our nearly 2-year-old son for our recent maternity shoot - and it was definitely challenging to try to keep him occupied while having our  "couple" pictures taken. That said, Denise was GREAT with our son and took extra time to make sure that we still got all the pictures/setups we wanted.  Bring lots of outfit options - sometimes what you think will look good, doesn't actually translate well on camera. It's great to have some extra options to change into so that you can get a wide variety of options and see what works best. If you are considering a maternity shoot, I cannot recommend Denise highly enough!!!


Sabrina T.

Los Angeles, CA


I was looking to have professional pictures taken of my 1 year old and I. I'm a single mother and being thus, all the pictures I have of my baby and I are self portrait types with my arm somewhere in the picture! I LOVED the pictures on Denise's website so decided to give her a call. We chatted on the phone and right away I felt like I was chatting with an old friend. When my little one and I showed up for our session, I was instantly taken by Denise's easy ways. We hit it off and the shoot was awesome! SO much fun! My little one loved her and thoroughly enjoyed "playing" as he got his pictures taken! And don't get me started with the pictures! Once I received my CD... OMG! SOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!! I've already given her information to a couple of friends of mine! Everyone has loved the pictures she took! I HIGHLY recommend Denise. And I most certainly will be going back to her every so often for updated pictures of my boy and I!


Natalia T.

Los Angeles, CA


I was looking for a photographer with a great eye that could stage, capture and develop a beautiful image that would remind me of how I felt during my first pregnancy. I searched many photographers in LA and narrowed it down to Denise. she has that quality I was looking for. I was ecstatic when I received the images. They were so professionally taken in her home studio with alternating black and white backdrops and numerous lighting effects. The variety of images was impressive ranging from bright, contrasted, movement shots to the more romantic silhouetted profile views. She can master any image type you want.I highly recommend her to anyone who wants a professional photography session by someone who has a great eye for a beautiful photo.


Lynn O.

Culver City, CA           


Denise is simply an incredible photographer to work with. Our family likes to mix it up with our yearly Xmas Cards, and, Denise brought a whole new edge to what we were aiming for this year. She worked closely with me and not only gave us what we were going for, but, brought even MORE to the piece! We are definitely going to be working with her on our card for the coming year.Denise is delightfully creative, supportive and amazingly easy to work with. And she's GREAT with dogs! Cannot recommend her highly enough!


Steve H.

Los Angeles, CA


Denise is a truly wonderful photographer. She has taken pictures of our daughters on two different occasions and both times the pictures we received were stunning. Not your typical kids photography. The photos turn out more like works of art. Our kids are only young once. I'm so glad we have these amazing pictures of them.


Lauren L.

Vaughn, WA


Our most favorite photos of our children are all from Denise Demarest Photography.  She is wonderful with children, and has an amazing artistic eye.  I would highly recommend her for any individual or family portraits.


JoAnne C.

Hawthorne, CA


We love Denise.

I first met Denise in August of 2008, a few weeks before I gave birth to my first child. She took beautiful maternity photos (several of which are on her website). We did our shoot in her studio, but she also does location shoots. She is very energetic and creative and I was very impressed by my images. Since we did our shoot in her studio we had access to various fabrics, a fan, creative lighting, etc. We loved Denise so much that when the baby arrived we went back and did 2 more sessions. We recently had a second baby and Denise did yet another shoot for our family. My now 3 year old daughter really likes Denise and was comfortable with her (which says a lot for a fickle 3 year old!). Denise has a daughter of her own and is obviously very comfortable with children. She captured some lovely moments between my 3 year old and my newborn baby.

Denise's talent is comparable to any of the overpriced studios that specialize in maternity and newborn photography, but her prices are MUCH more reasonable.

I highly recommend Denise!